Yes! No More Thin, Unruly or Uneven Brows.

Just Instantly Fabulous, Beautiful, Natural Brows That Last For 24 hours!

Yes! No More Thin, Unruly or Uneven Brows.

Just Instantly Fabulous, Beautiful, Natural Brows That Last For 24 hours!


Fab Brows will give you perfect, natural-looking, salon quality brows in under 30 seconds in the comfort of your own home!

Available in 3 color Duo combinations to suit every hair color and complexion.

You’ll feel confident with beautiful brows that bring out your eyes and define your face.

6 Stencil Shapes Included

It’s quick and easy in just 3 simple steps

1. Place your favorite stencil along the natural arch of your eyebrow.

2. With the soft side of your included applicator brush, grab a small amount of Fab Brows waterproof powder. Blend 2 colors to create your perfect shade. Brush against the hair’s growth and then back – it ensures all hair and skin are covered. 

3. Flip the stencil over and repeat on the other brow for perfectly symmetrical brows in under 30 seconds!

Plus Fab Brows is…

Smudge Proof

Sweat Proof


Lasts for 24 Hours

Risk-Free 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

This purchase is entirely risk-free. If you don’t love your Fab Brows, you can return them within 30 days for a full refund, no questions asked. You have nothing to lose.

Fab Brows Duo Kit

$39.97 normally

Yours Today for only $29.97

FREE delivery!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our mineral powders work with your skin tone, hair color and brow color to create the perfect shade for you. In each kit you have 2 colors that you blend together on the brush to get the perfect shade for you. We recommend light brown/medium brown for blondes, dark brown/chocolate brown for brunettes and slate/black for black or silver hair. The brown colors will pull warmth into your brows and the slate/black will give you a cool toned brow. Feel free to send us a picture of yourself via email for our recommendation. Remember to take a look at our before and after pictures too!

You get 2 complementary colors so that you can blend them together on the brush to get your ideal color.

It sure does. When applying Fab Brows, brush against the hairs starting from the tail of your brow. This will apply the product underneath the hairs and onto the skin. Remember to brush the hairs back in the correct direction to finish.

Yes! When applied correctly, the powder will stay put all day. Ensure you start with a clean base which is free from moisturizer and oils and always start at the end of your brow and brush backwards to allow the powder to adhere to the skin.

Your order will be sent out from our warehouse in California

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