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Fab Brows will give you perfect, natural-looking, salon quality brows in under 30 seconds in the comfort of your own home!

Available in 3 color Duo combinations to suit every hair color and complexion...

So you can feel confident with beautiful brows that bring out your eyes and define your face

It's so quick and easy, just 3 simple steps

6 Stencil Shapes Included

1. Place your favorite stencil along the natural arch of your eyebrow.

2. Blending 2 colors allows you to create your perfect shade. With the soft side of your included applicator brush, grab a small amount of Fab Brows waterproof powder. Brush against the growth of the hair and then back. This ensures all hair and skin are covered.

3. Flip the stencil over and repeat on the other brow for perfectly symmetrical brows in under 30 seconds!

Plus Fab Brows lasts for 24 hours and is...

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Customer Reviews


This product is amazing! I love how easy it is to apply...

“This product is amazing. I love how easy it is to apply and it looks very natural. The stencils are easy to use and clean. Product stays on all day, I highly recommend! – Samantha


Easiest eyebrow kit out there!

“This is my second set of these, the first set I had for about 9 months. I use it every day. It is super easy to use and gives my brows a filled in and natural look with little effort. They stay fresh looking all day and really are a game changer when it comes to my daily make up routine!” – Lindsey C


Fast and Easy!

“I love this product!! I bought it originally at a show. When I started to run low, 9 months later, I looked on line to see if I could purchase more. I am not actually out of my first product, so I’ll finish that first. I can’t live without Fab Brows. Even on days when I wear no make up, I put it on because I have very thin eye brows without it. Prior to this, I used to use Wonder Brow. I didn’t realize just how unnatural that product looked on me until I found Fab Brows. Fab Brows comes with templates which help me brush on perfectly shaped brows in about 10 seconds. It’s SO easy. I highly recommend this product. –S Berry


Easy to use and lasts all day.

“I love this product. Sometimes the only make up I wear is the eye brow duo. It’s easy to use and lasts all day. I can fill in where my brows are thin and they look thick and young!” – Barbara B


Great eyebrow enhancer.

“My eyebrows thinned horribly during menopause and this product was so great because it makes your brows look natural again!! Takes a couple of practice times with the application but once you get the hang of it no problems!! – Mary

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Fab Brows Duo Kit

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The Fab Brows Kit includes all 6 stencils and contains enough powder to last 1 year using it everyday and comes in a beautiful metallic gold compact with a mirror, stencils and brush. It’s available in three dual color combinations to match any skin tone:

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Professional Salon Grade Tweezers

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These professional salon quality Fab Brows tweezers are perfect for shaping and sculpting your brows.

eBook - 11 Makeup Secrets to Help You Look 10 Years Younger

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These quick and easy makeup tips from our in-house makeup artist will have you looking instantly more radiant and youthful!

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Our mineral powders work with your skin tone, hair color and brow color to create the perfect shade for you. In each kit you have 2 colors that you blend together on the brush to get the perfect shade for you. We recommend light brown/medium brown for blondes, dark brown/chocolate brown for brunettes and slate/black for black or silver hair. The brown colors will pull warmth into your brows and the slate/black will give you a cool toned brow. Feel free to send us a picture of yourself via email for our recommendation. Remember to take a look at our before and after pictures too!

You get 2 complementary colors so that you can blend them together on the brush to get your ideal color.

If you use Fab Brows everyday the kit will last you about 1 year! That works out to only $0.08 per day.

It sure does. When applying Fab Brows, brush against the hairs starting from the tail of your brow. This will apply the product underneath the hairs and onto the skin. Remember to brush the hairs back in the correct direction to finish.
Yes! When applied correctly, the powder will stay put all day. Ensure you start with a clean base which is free from moisturizer and oils and always start at the end of your brow and brush backwards to allow the powder to adhere to the skin.
Our powder is water resistant so as long as you don’t vigorously rub your eyebrows you will be good to go all day!

We usually ship all items within 1-2 business days from our warehouse in California via USPS. From there it depends on where you live and how USPS is running. Most parcels are delivered within 1 week of ordering.

Yes! Your Fab Brows order comes with a no questions asked, 30 day money back guarantee so it’s completely risk free to you.

Our powders are lovingly made in the UK and shipped from California, USA.

So... what are you waiting for?

This is the best value offer on Fab Brows ever, guaranteed!

With the Fab Brows kit you can get perfect, natural, salon quality eyebrows in seconds meaning you can:


if you use your kit everyday it should last you a full year which works out to only $0.08 per day + you get the fabulous bonus gifts on top for FREE.

Here's a recap of


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Total Value: $81.97

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